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This is drivin me nuts!  I need to target the question page only, but everytime I try to change something, it either gives me a duplicate on the question page or deletes it on the main page.  Which function(s) is responsible for being able to move the H1 around ? thanks!



@jatin -- My ultimate goal is to position the H1.entry title (in the question page) ...position it under "qa-q-view-main". Problem is when I put it under qa-q-view-main, it I guess interprets that as a duplicate.


@jatin - Appreciate the help! I couldn't get it to work so I just took a different route. I did get the if statement to work and used it to add content, but not to remove content. Problem I was having is page-title-error is extending the H1 that containts the entry-title and favoriting variables for both the question list and question page. I wanted question list H1 to stay the same but for position it differnet for question page.

so for    function page_title_error()   
                        if (isset($favorite) && ($this->template == 'question'))
                                $this->output('<DIV">blah blah blah</DIV >');


is there a way to hide the H1 for question page but keep it for question list ?

Do you want to remove H1 tag from other pages apart from Question?

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In that case you need to use condtion. Something like if($this->template == 'question') than use that title else use defautl placement.

$this->template == 'question' will check if the page is the question