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Once somebody requested that the order of the question buttons / answer buttons should not be:

   for admin: [edit] [flag] [close] [hide] [answer] [comment]
   and for users: [flag] [answer] [comment]

But rather a more consistent order:

   for admin: [answer] [comment] [edit] [flag] [close] [hide]
   and for users: [answer] [comment] [flag]

I changed the core file qa-page-question-view.php to reposition the buttons. It is easy.

@gidgreen: Maybe you consider this.

Q2A version: 1.6.1

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So, according to gidgreen's answer:

    class qa_html_theme extends qa_html_theme_base
        function form_buttons($form, $columns)
            if (isset($form['buttons']))
                qa_html_theme_base::form_reorder_buttons($form, $keys);
            qa_html_theme_base::form_buttons($form, $columns);
I tried this code in my custom theme and it change the button orders.
Perfect, thanks a lot for this code snippet.
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See the form_reorder_buttons(...) theme function - makes it easy to do this in a custom theme.

Mhhh, I'd rather like to see this consistent as default in core... :)
Kai, why do You see it more consistent ?

In my case for example I would want to have the answer button right, because i have a colored answer button, while the others are just text links.

But may be there are reasons I did not see ...?
+2 Kai. +1alpha Gid.
My opinion:
I changed row same as Kai at a certain Japan site, too. However, because many Japan people are right-handed, it might be failure. I like row of this site. But... because Q2A base language is English, I feel that Kai's row is good as default.
OK it looks like the more opinions the more button orders...
So, best would be a plugin to set the button order as
it depends on the theme and preferences what fits bests...

I would prefer for questions:
[flag][comment] [answer]
and for answers
[flag] [reply]

In my theme the buttons are floated to the right,
answer and reply are green buttons lined up nicely on the right qa-main border, while the others are textlinks.

The order for admin is not so important for me..
For sure you have heard about the golden rule of consistency that each navigation element should really be at the same place. As soon as Gidgreen adds new buttons (see question) the answer and flag button lost their position.

I am quite certain that I am right with my suggestion ;)
Nope, never heard about that rule, even google search does not give me a clear result regarding the golden rule of consistency and navigation elements. Will search deeper.

Now it gets more clear, why You think that this change should be done. Thank You for answering me.

However, I would hope, that if gidgreen adopts Your right suggestion, that at the same time a plugin or switch in core will be available, so one can maintain the old order of buttons without rewriting the core files again.

By the way, I am sure that You are right with Your suggestion, I just wanted to understand, WHY you was asking for that design breaking change.

Now I know it, thank You so far.
you are welcome, enjoy your day :)

PS: The "plugin" you would need is mentioned in gidgreen's answer: Use a custom theme and override form_reorder_buttons(...)