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Notifications emails (like those saying you receive an answer to your question), are arriving with all the markdown tags on them. The blockquote (>) tag is particularly disrupting, as it is the fact that there are no line breaks. Any change there is something I can do to prevent this (like sending emails in plain text)
Q2A version: 1.6

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check out this code in qa_suspend_notifications() function inside qa-app-emails.php:

            return qa_send_email(array(
                'fromemail' => qa_opt('from_email'),
                'fromname' => qa_opt('site_title'),
                'toemail' => $email,
                'toname' => $handle,
                'subject' => strtr($subject, $subs),
                'body' => (empty($handle) ? '' : qa_lang_sub('emails/to_handle_prefix', $handle)).strtr($body, $subs),
                'html' => false,

 'html' => false, means that notifications are sent as plain text. if you wish to use HTML in notification mails you can make a plugin to override it or make a core hack and change it's value to true. also I think q2a-email-formating plugin can help you with this issue.

if by Markdown you didn't mean HTML, but things like: ^ or \n then I think q2a-email-formating plugin would still solve the issue.

have a nice day, Towhid

Great. Thanks Towhid. I'll test it out soon.