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How can I use Markdown/CKEditor4 as the default editor for the Extra Field Plugin instead of the basic editor?

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I don't know solution for Markdown editor. However if you are using default CKEditor or my CKEditor4, you will be able to apply editor to Extra Question Field. But this solution is required 1 hack.

1. Add either of plugins

2. Hack L31 of qa-wysiwyg-editor-admin-layer.php OR L18 of qa-ckeditor4-admin-layer.php


if (empty($firstrequest) || $firstrequest != 'admin') return;


if (empty($firstrequest) || ($firstrequest != 'admin' && $firstrequest != 'ask')) return;

3. Add "extra?" to "Name list of TEXTAREA tag which applies WYSIWYG editor(separate comma)" option of plugin option panel. "extra?" is field name attribute which you added with my EQF plugin.

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Thanks @sama55 ! Although I'm trying to do this with markdown editor, isn't there a way to hack the EQF plugin instead?
Can you help me out doing this with markdown editor please? I really need this. What do I need to do or change in the Extra Plugin to make this possible?
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thanks for answers, its working