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From 1.6 on we have the option "Editing posts silently:" under admin/permissions.

To clarify: Does this option hide the notice below a question "Edited by ..."?

If so, it does not work with v1.6.2. Even anonymous visitors get displayed this edit-by information.

Her you can see it: http://www.klaustukai.lt/2/starting-a-wonderful-forum-that-will-help-all-lithuanians
I've tested it here :
it seems to work....
If you go now (before it is deleted) you can see my test...
Really strange. I disabled all plugins, still there. I chose the default Snow theme, still there. Now I am kind of lost :)

I report back if I find the source of the bug. Thanks for your help!
I think you are doing it already, but I ask to you all the same, just to exclude :-)
When you save your edited post, do you flag the option "Save silently to hide that this was edited" ? :-)
Ahhh hahaha! how funny, this is the solution! =)

Using q2a for 2 years I did not think of an extra field that could be there!

Post your comment as answer please, I mark yours as best!

PS: I think there should be a global option to always hide edits. This was my first core hack 2 years ago... and 2 years later, it seems I have to hack again :(

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As Kai_echteinfachtv has asked it to me :-)

I post the solution to the issue :-)

If you have/want to "silently edit" your post, you must check the option "Save silently to hide that this was edited" before saving.



I'd like to make my compliments to Kai_echteinfachtv for his plugins, I think I will use 3 of them !


Hope that gidgreen will make a global option that this field will not be necessary anymore.
Follow up: www.question2answer.org/qa/41325/remove-checkbox-silently-hide-that-this-edited-from-answer