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In a lot of my usecases the option "Save silently to hide that this was edited" is unnecessary.

Unfortunately, I cannot hide it using CSS since there is no class assigned to!

Furthermore, the admin options don't allow to disable this field. You only find admin/permissions > Editing posts silently:{ user groups }


Currently I am going the hard way to remove it:

// edit state, remove 'edit silent' option
if($this->template=='question' && strpos(qa_get_state(),'edit')!==false) {
    // remove email notify from q and a
    // count answers to question
    $answercount = count($this->content['a_list']['as']);
    // remove the edit silent notices of comment forms
    for($i=0;$i<$answercount;$i++) {
        if(isset($this->content['a_list']['as'][$i]['c_form'])) {


Can't it be easier?

Q2A version: 1.7 beta

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