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I find that if you are in an category, 'ask a question' link will bring you to the ask page which category has already filled with where you came from.

It does really work on 'activity' & 'questions', but seems you are in 'unanswer' page, then you click some category link in this question list. You will go to 'unanswer' under this category. At this time, you click 'ask a question', the category won't fill.

Is this a bug?

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I found the issue. Unless QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES is set to true in your qa-config.php file, it is not possible to browse unanswered questions by category (since the appropriate database indexes are not present to do this efficiently on a large site)

So in this case the category links should be to the main site hierarchy, not to the hierarchy under unanswered. So it's a bug in qa-page-unanswered.php - towards the end you should replace:


... with ...

QA_ALLOW_UNINDEXED_QUERIES ? 'unanswered/' : null

This fix will be rolled into Q2A 1.6.3.