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If, right from front page, I click on the Q2A Core underneath "All categories" at the right hand sie , it takes me to


however if I first click on the Questions first then click ont the Q2A Core underneath "All categories" at the right hand sie(same as above) then it takes me to


That may not be seen as an issue but had clearly created a problem for us that has privented us from developing a plugin.

Needless to say, Gid's work is very neat in total.

Q2A version: 1.6.2
Hi Gid, was wondering if this issue will be addressed in 1.6.3 ?
I have the same thing happening, but it still appears to work just fine. Is it working on your site? If it is still working but you would rather just get it to display correctly then I might have a look into the code. It would probably require something like a base detection to decide if there should be the additional /questions/ part.

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This is the intended behavior - the categories navigator is relative to whichever way the Q2A site is currently being browsed. See also under /activity for the same idea.

Sometimes (sorry I can't work out specifically when it does this) the site adds an extra / on the end of the address. Eg: www.warcraftqa.com//

Is this part of this same feature or is it more likely relating to my .htaccess file?