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Hi guys I managed to modify the Snow theme for my website www.biarusi.com so that it resembles the facebook one in a way.

I am glad I managed to come with a new outlook as you can see below. However the register link cant move to the other side.


But when logged in it looks well as you can see here below

Please advice how I can modify this and alos how I can insert a logo before the search area

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If you are ok with adjusting only css. Here is the css solution.

#qa-login-group {
    position: relative;
.qa-nav-user {
    position: absolute;
    right: 0;
#qa-loginform {
    margin-right: 50px; // or experimenting margin until you see word register, incase you changing text size,type
If this doesnt work it, showing your modification (your code) is easier to understand then to help. This solution assume you only change float:left or right.