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I am looking for a way to echo each question and answer post in a seperate iframe.
(Every 'Q' and 'A' will appear in their own unique iframe.)
What would be  the easiest and proper way to do so, through themes? plugins or core?
Would appreciate your elaborate answers as much as possible.
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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qa_sanitize_html() in qa-base.php

Enable iframe

// replace [start] 
//'elements' => '*+embed+object', 
'elements' => '*+embed+object+iframe', 
// replace [end]


Hi Yerbol,
I`m not sure that I understand your answer:

I added the '+iframe' to qa_sanitize_html() in qa-base.php
There was only one place to add it (line 736)

But what Should be done in qa_content_prepare() in qa-page.php ?

Please advise
Sorry this line code does not need to be. I forgot to remove the extra.
So I did just that (added the '+iframe' to qa_sanitize_html() in qa-base.php
in line 736 but when I view the source code there is no iframe