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Is there a way to show seperate negative and positive counts for every question ?

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asked Jan 29, 2014 in Q2A Core by eon01
If user "A" voted +1 and "B" voted -1, the counter will print 0 like no one voted ..
I would like to know if the counter can display "+1" and "-1" in the vote square .
Thanks in advance .

1 Answer

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answered Jan 29, 2014 by sayog.com
edited Jan 30, 2014 by Scott

Sign into your Admin and select Viewing tab.

Search for the option list : Show separate up and down votes: Put a tick mark in the checkbox.



commented Jan 30, 2014 by eon01
Thank your for your reply but I am not talking about the buttons "up"/"down" and the voting process . I am talking about the counter :-)
commented Jan 30, 2014 by Scott
Hi Sayog, could you please stop spamming your link in every answer? Thanks.