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Under Permissions tab:

  • Provide tho whole multi selections (options) to allow or disallow guests, registered users, users, editors, admins, and so on for using the features and permit the admin to set those features for them from the admin center.

Under Pages tab:

  1. This should be named Pages and links.
  2. All activety link when active should come after the Questions link, and the Questions link should be named "Main".

Under Spam tab:

  • Add a feature to limit the users questions per day to a specific number the admins can set.


  • Make a top ten users including other users list  regarding thier points at the side of the main page either the right side or the left side.
  • Seperate the Points from the Reputation, so when the user receives a vote that should be affected to the Reputation not to the points, and make another top ten users including other users list regarding thier Reputation points and that could be to the bottom of the last list
  • Add the who is online feature.
  • Add the how many visits by others has been done to the subject or the qustions asked by the user.
  • Add a feature to ask a direct  puplic question to the user and other one to ask  him in private and that could be added from the users profile.
  • Add a feature to disable the user from being editing the question after a certain time that the admin can adjust from the admin center.
  • Add a feature to allow the user show his signature at the questions and the answers

And hopefully more later .....

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My thoughts on some of this..

Permissions - not sure what you mean here, you can set the permissions for each user category already.

Pages - The "Questions" page lists questions in order by newest. The main page shows activity except comments and all activity shows everything. If anything should be called "main" it should be all activity. You can change the titles using the language file (qa-lang-main.php I think)

Spam - You can limit per hour so just divide by 24 i.e. if you don't want more than 24 per day use 1 per hour. Maybe you want less that 24 per day, but one per hour protects against spam which is always based on "do as much as you can before the admin notices and deletes/bans you". So after one question they'd go away and not come back.

Points/Reputation - no idea what you mean. If reputation is the numbers they get from votes, what are points? They are the same thing.

There was a question before about asking questions to specific users. This really goes against the Q&A principle in my opinion and alienates other users.

The other suggestions seem quite good. Some of them will be able to be added as extensions when the next version comes out.
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Other quick suggestions I have are:

  • Separate the hiddenns from the unknowns and add a recycle bin system
  • Add system points for the comments as in the questions and answers
  • Add option to close the question after its being answered and other option to re-open it if necessary
  • Respect feedbacks before answering or committing
  • Allow HTML tags in the questions and answers beside the editor
  • Allow the user list to be hidden or visable Only to some users
  • Add a tab for the committed questions and answers beside the other tabs
  • Add a convert this comment into an answer option
  • Add an option to report an abuse for the questions, answers and comments

Thats it for now, Later .........