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My post relates to the situation when we have main categories and subcategories. Unfortunately when the user selects main category, the script automatically selects the first subcategory for him. I think it should be changed.

For example we have following categories:

Main category 1 -> subcategory ABC, subcategory DEF
Main category 2 ->
subcategory 123, subcategory 456

When user selects Main category 1 the script automatically selects subcategory ABC. Of course the user can change the subcategory. But I think it would be better if after choosing the main category the user had to choose the subcategory 100% himself without any choice making by script.

Just like with main categories - we have a blank place by default and we have to choose a main category ourselves and it's good. Why can't this be the same with subcategories?

Why am I writing about this? My users are lazy and on my website 99% of questions fall under the first subcategory, which is automatically selected by the script. People usually just don't change it.

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