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I know this feature does exist in qa1.62 and I activated it but do not see any changes ? where should I find that information?

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The people who voted you can see when you hover your mouse over "+1 vote", wait 1 second, mouse tooltip appears.

It is very hidden, i know ;)
Wow! I was not able to understand Kai's answer, but I logged in as a admin in own site and understood it. Kai found it well. Great!!
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I think that standard Q2A does not have its feature. However, if you enable Event Logger plugin, you can know it. By the way, NP is supporting only flag for moderator now. I will cover down vote in V1.5.

glad to have helped a bit :)

PS: You can use "tipsy tooltips for jquery" to make it look better. http://onehackoranother.com/projects/jquery/tipsy/ (I am using it for a lot of tooltips, looks fresher ;)