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hide question, where is delete? help

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asked Dec 11, 2013 in Q2A Core by fearmusa
hide question, where is delete button?

Q2A version: 1.6.2

3 Answers

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answered Dec 11, 2013 by jatin.soni

As far as I know you can not delete the question directly but only answers and comment. Once you hide the question than go to Admin > Stats and than scroll to the bottom.

Find the button called Delete Hidden Posts and hit the button. This will delte all hidden posts. Including questions, answers and comments.

commented Dec 11, 2013 by fearmusa
Thank you. but this is a mistake is not it? I did not want comments, answer questions, and I can not delete. I think this is a mistake. must be corrected.
commented Dec 12, 2013 by JalalJaberi
I don't agree on **mistake** term. I think it is a moderation system that someone hide a post and someone see if the post must be deleted.  
You want a new feature: delete button on question page.
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answered Dec 11, 2013 by q2apro
The main developer designed q2a like that:

1. hit the "hide" button

2. just then the "delete" button appears

I guess the intention was kind of "are you sure to delete".


PS: This questions comes again and again. I think the best solution would be to show the delete button. Let's say a small one with "trash icon", and have a javascript alert with "do you really want to delete, yes | no"
commented Dec 11, 2013 by fearmusa
Yes I think you'll like. a warning should be given. such as delete or deletion.
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answered Dec 11, 2013 by Scott
The delete button shows up on a post only when the post is hidden, and it has no children. (And you have the right permissions such as being an Administrator.)

So hidden comments will always have the delete button, hidden answers will have delete if there are no comments, and hidden questions will have delete button if there are no answers or comments.

The other option is in Admin > Stats, there is a button to "Delete all hidden posts" which does a batch delete.