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I have trouble understanding something. When there's a long list of comments, users have to click 'show X comments'. When that happens, the whole list of questions refreshes. But the layout of this new comment list doesn't seem to be adapted by theme peculiarities. For example, if I made the background of comments blue by redefining function c_item_main($c_item) accordingly, the comments shown after clicking 'show X comments' will not have a blue background.

Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Do you have a live site where this is the case? It sounds like a CSS issue to me.
OK that's interesting. It looks like comment loading isn't going to the plugins that override the comment functions. Seems like a possible bug in Q2A.
No it does work, Noah's code just isn't right. When I make comment backgrounds blue in a plugin it works. Sorry about the confusion, Scott!

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