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I do not want to display the Q & A site name on the page, but I want to show Q & A site name in the browser tab. How do I do?
Example http://www.question2answer.org/qa

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If you mean by hide logo? than just go to Admin > General and remove the text from the Q & A site name field. Hit save and logo will disappear.
i know.remove the text from the Q & A site name field.The site name will not be displayed on the browser tab, this is not conducive seo.
http://www.question2answer.org/qa/ remove the text from the Q & A site name field , Why can display the site name in the browser's tab?
I'm sorry but I'm bit confuse with your question. Do you want to hide site title from browser tab?
he want to  delete the title from the page but up in the tab blowser to stay . if he delete from admin page title, the title tag from source will remain or the page will be without a title ( very bad for seo)

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