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How can I send an old question to the top ?

The idea is that a question that is on page 10 and with no answers, can be sent to the first page at the top again, so it gets more chances to be answered.


Q2A version: 1.6.2

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Anyone that can help ?
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Q2A does not have this feature (take a question to the top) out of the box.

You can try the q2a-featured plugin

If you want a more advanced one, there is the Q2A Market Advanced Featured Questions (that adds a slider on top).

If you want to take the question "automatically" to the top, these plugin do not have this feature : you have to take it to the top (make it featured) "manually".

Generally speaking, "Featured" questions are questions that receive enhanced prominence on a site : if a question was not answered by anybody after a long time, I would not take it automatically to the top..... The question should be "analyzed" first, it could be Off Topic (or a duplicate of an existing one, or spam, and so on......).


Thats the problem, I don't want to feature it, I just want to send it to the homepage.
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You can not just move a question to the top because the questions are sorted in a predefined order. What you can do is to modify the question so that it gets to the top of that predefined order.

That order is usually the date it was asked (for example, for the Questions page). However, for the All Activity page this order is based on the last modification to the question, where modification means question edit, comment post/edit, answer post/edit, etc.

So the short answer is you can't change the order in the Questions page because it is sorted based on the asked date, which is fixed. But you can just edit the question and that update would bring it to the top of the All Activity.

If you don't want to perform a "fake edit" on a question to bring it to the top of the All Activity section then you can consider this plugin http://www.question2answer.org/qa/31264 ... which I think I started developping after seeing this post back in January :)

Finally, and covering all scenarios, you could also perform some core hacks or use plugin overrides to change this behaviour but I wouldn't advise it.

How about giving it to me for free as it is my idea? I can give you 5 more that you can sell instantly.

Haha, you mean you can give me 5 more ideas that I could develop that will be sold instantly and then you will be able to claim your right again on those plugins? Hmm... no deal :P

Now, you can use any of my answers in the site and pull requests to the Q2A core (which include improvements and bug fixes) for free at any time :)

PS: As I said in the answer, you can still get questions to the top of the All Activity list by just editing it. You'll see many people do this in this forum
Ok, if you change your mind, let me know. I have a list of things that are needed and any user will pay to have them.

Cheers and Thank you.