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In my site on single question view page these links are displays in two lines.

"Hello Admin (1,350 points)  |My Account | My Updates|  Logout"

It displays like this

"Hello Admin (1,350 points) My Account                

My Updates  Logout"

And my site name auto set to center.

Once refreshed it become normal. Please help to solve this.

Q2A version: latest
Like this one ?
However you should post an image so that the theme developer is able to better understand
Yes, like that one. I have uploaded the image too and thank you very much for your advice.
Please post the site link and browser information as well so I can test with the same. However,  this is just wondering me why it is happening to few sites and not all. May this could be browser version specific or so. But will try to fix it, coz version 1.4 will take bit time.
My site link is http://www.wikifirst.net/ and I am using Google Chrome, verson 32.0.1700.102. And this happen only sometimes.
I pointed it in another thread before. I think this is a bug of CSS.

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