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in all Emails sent by q2a (1.3.beta) on my site all newline are displayed as "\n".

Has someone an idea how to fix.
I installed q2a 5 days before and can't remember to this issue with version 1.2.


I swtiched back to my old version 1.2 (just moved the folders).
Even there I have this problem.
But I found an old notfications email which is ok. *wounder*
And with the original code from you it is ok.
(Unpacked the original files)

Do youhave an idea where I have to  search?
The issue depents on my qa-lang/de files.

I keep on searching
Hello, I found my bug. I had to retranslate my qa-lang-emails.php file.

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So, just to make this question answered, the solution was probably to check that the translated language files use double quotes (") instead of single quotes ('), so that \n is interpreted as a newline instead of being inserted into the emails directly.

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