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I wanted to add a feature to the site where all posts in a certain section would have to be reviewed by a moderator before showing up to the viewer. The moderator would have a special page where he/she could view all the posts and then either reject or accept them. Accepted posts would be added to the list of viewable posts and rejected posts would be deleted. I was wondering if something like this already existed. If not, could somebody tell me the simplest way to create a feature like this? If I have to modify the database structure, then is there also a way to modify the install sequence to include the creation of this additional column in the table for posts?

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You can enable the moderation of posts on

Admin ---> Spam ---->  "Use moderation for users with few points"

If you want to enable it for all the users, you should set a high value in the "points" textfield (there is not an option to enable it for "everybody").

It will be enabled for all the posts on all categories (do you mean "category" when you write "section" ?)

If you want to move a post to the moderation queue only if it belongs to some categories, you should write a plugin (using a filter module ; see this post as an example).

In the Admin panel you have a "Moderate" submenu item that links to the moderation queue, where a moderator level user will can approve or reject the post.