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I would like to use the Q2A as a way to store statements or articles, instead of questions.  I would like to still allow comments, but mainly it would be like a mini KB type site.  (I am using a different internal site for QA).

1.  How can I change from "Ask a question" to "Create Article" or something a long those lines in the Ask box and to the "ask a question link"?

2.  How can I remove the ability to answer questions and just allow comments from the Admin panel?
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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You can change ./qa-include/qa-lang-questions.php (and other qa-lang files).  Replace "questions" and "answers" (and any other necessary syntactic changes) with your own sites operative words.  On each line, don't change anything to the left of this sign '=>', otherwise you will break things.  

To prevent answering questions, go into admin and under permissions, set "ability to answer" questions to some impossibly high quota or other parameter.  Good luck.
Thanks Charleston.  I'll give this a try tonight.  Appreciate the help.
So to change "Ask a Question", replace all the "questions" or "question" to "articles" or "article" from qa-lang-questions.php file?  

I didn't see anything listed as "ability to answer" under the permissions.  Perhaps its named differently?