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Is there a way to integrate q2a on main domain and subdomain...? I am planning to make a subdomain of my q2a website. If there is a way to integrate then, will there be any problem after integration of the two domains...???
If a user creates an account on any of the domain then, will that user's account be created on both...??
Please help me guys...
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Yes, you are correct. Developers can do many things. I told that because I have never heard that someone had integrated two wordpress accounts. Same platforms with same features and what is the use of that effort.
The basic use is to that if an user makes an account on one q2a domain then automatically an account can be made on other q2a domain but the actions of that users stay different on different domains. So that both the domains showing different niches can work accordingly.
Good idea. But you should aware users of this before they sign up with their preferred q2a site. Hope you will find a solution. I will make this question my favorite to see the answer.
Definitely I am also not clear about the idea, but discussion on this can make this idea much better for future.

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