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The new domain is hosted on the same server as the old one; the SQL database is the same.

So all I did was move the entire Q2A folder to the new domain directory and everything seems to be functioning correctly.

Is there anything domain name specific (points exactly at url) or was everything using "/example" type links? Do you see any problems that I may be overlooking due to this move?

And just for helpful archive purposes for future folks needing to move; if the domain was on a different server; all one would have to do is copy/dump the current SQL database, copy/move current Q2A folder, and change the qa-config.php to include info to the new SQL database. Correct?

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The only one thing that is domain specific is the setting in the 'Admin' panel labelled "The URL to use when referring to your site" - apart from that it all works through relative URLs like you suggest, so there's no problem migrating.
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