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Enhancing q2a 1.7 search function suggestion

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asked Apr 2, 2014 in Q2A Core by samlee
If we could do more targeted search on q2a it would be nice. Something that will look like this :

to search a tag we could type : "tag: tagname" in search field.

same for user: "user: username"

What do you think ?

Thank you
Q2A version: latest
commented Apr 2, 2014 by rgd
Great Idea...
commented Apr 2, 2014 by q2apro
The search should be smart enough and show boxes: 1. Tags found 2. users found 3. content found etc. Or some according checkboxes to filter results.

"Normal" users will not know about this "tags:"-feature, and even if, they would probably not use it. So it's more for us pros :)

PS: Most users don't even know that you can filter searches in google with "filetype:pdf" etc.....
commented Apr 4, 2014 by samlee
I wonder what technologie does quora, facebook and big website uses to perform very target with real time suggestion search....

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