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After using this wonderful q2a for a long time, I must admin I stil have issues with user menus! It is very confusing for me let alone for the users of my website!

for example there are two diffrent places where "My favorits" menu appears. Why?

I am really looking forward to a plugin or widget  so we can offer better user experience to our users




Q2A version: 1.6.3
I also mentioned this a couple of times. Thanks for bringing it up again :)
I think they are 2 different lists, aren't they ?

My favorites in control panel ---> a list of *all of* my favorited items (for instance, here: the category "Q2A Core" , that is 1 macro item).
My favorites in "My updates" ---> a list of *recent* updates (for instance, here: the recent updates done in the category "Q2A Core", that is a list of questions)

Or the issue is the label on it ?
Thank I know but still confusing right? no doubt the user panel needs some work to do
I developed parts of Q2A for a long time, but I cannot understand meaning and significance of this function, too. Title and explanation of this features may be short. But the features that even developer does not understand are unnecessary for user. I think that this features should be removed from core , OR, should be remaked in new version.

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