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Is it necessary to convert tags to lowercase? What is this for?

If it prevents from duplicate tags, this can be done when saving tags only with comparing tags in lowercase ro uppercase.
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Maybe whether uppercase tags are allowed should be decided by a check box, like how admins can decide if spaces are allowed in tags?
Yes, that will be better. I don't know why we have not such an option now!
Version 1.7 can't handle tags as case-sensitive :(

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Having to always compare tags in a case-insensitive manner makes things much more complicated in the programming.

It also makes things more inconsistent on the front end too. It's much better to "normalize" tags so they are all follow the same format.
Yes, but what if we have a tag wish to save in two different cases? or have a tag wish to save in uppercase?
Is it reasonable divesting ourselves of that, to have more simple code?
Dimension10 offer is a good one in my opinion.