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How can I add  a sub menu for every tag ?

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You should be able to do this in a theme or layer plugin, so you don't need core hacks.

In one of the early functions (e.g. doctype) or the class constructor, check the current page in $this->template or $this->request.

Then if you're on the right page you can modify $this->content which is the same as $qa_content from that file. Something like

$this->content['navigation']['sub'] = array(...);
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I add this at the end of qa-page-tag.php before 'return...'

            'by-newest' => array(
                'label' => qa_lang('newest'),
                'url' => qa_path_html($request),
            'by-unanswer' => array(
                'label' => qa_lang('unanswer'),
                'url' => qa_path_html($request, array('by' => 'unanswered')),
            'by-answers' => array(
                'label' => qa_lang('answers'),
                'url' => qa_path_html($request, array('by' => 'answers')),
            'by-upvotes' => array(
                'label' => qa_lang('votes'),
                'url' => qa_path_html($request, array('by' => 'upvotes')),


you can make a plugin for it too http://qa-themes.com/forums/topic/tutorial-overriding-q2a-pages