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When I load the Ask page, I would like to add a bit of my own JavaScript/CSS/HTML. What would be the easiest way to do this?
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I think the simplest way is to use my Widget Anywhere plugin (click "download zip" on the right). Then you can add a custom widget that only appears on the Ask page.

Thanks for the answer.

Maybe you can guide me in the right direction with what I want to achieve: When a visitor is reading a question/answers (not the Ask page which I mistakenly wrote), I would like to make a sidebar fly out when the visitor scrolls down the page, encouraging the visitor to register.

I found this script which I beleve I can use: http://jeffbrutsche.com/2012/sidebox-fly-out/

Is there a Q&A "template" I can use to insert my own html/javascript/css, and then enable the plugin on the question/answer page with the Anywhere Plugin?

Also, how can I check if the visitor is logged in?