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I have a website. On one of the page of my website, I want to add the question2answer functionality to display q & a etc. Please le me ASAP.
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No, actually I need to display Q2A  on my website page not link. I have a space on my page where Q2A  will be displayed.

And I need to use my own Database table to login on Q2A .

Please let me know.
Although quite oddly phrased, the OP wants:

Single Sign On (SSO).
Q2A to work with existing user database.

What the OP did not specify is the nature of existing platform/CMS etc.

If it is a custom user feed, nobody can help you without knowing how your setup is.
If it's MODX, see my tutorials/demo.
If it's WordPress, there is an official bridge for that.
It is a custom page with PHP back-end and MYSQL DB.

I want to open Q2A functionality for all. I don't want any registration for now.

One can come and post questions/answers whatever they want. Is it possible?

And I want to use Q2A on my page as a widget. Is is possible?

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