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My q2a website is half year old, when checking google page rank on http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php i get N/A. is that normal ?
Do you see a N/A on all its datacenters ?
However it looks like google has started a new rank update just in these days ... (June; the last one was in  December 2013).
I would wait a couple of weeks....
I do not know the url of your website, but it is already indexed, isn't it ? :-)
Thank u for the link, the result is 0/10 on all datacenters :) i have no idea about how match time it takes to see slight improvement...
Thanks for insights about google updates too :)

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no, but since google rank is not updated as it used to it might just be that your site simply didn't get enought backlinks and google didn't update it's backlink on it's last update.

google rank is not very important. improve your impression on different keywords using better content, backlinks and social shares. use google webmaster tool to track your real ranking for important keywords.