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Im using in my site: http://www.kampusgenc.com

I am using ultimate seo, seo links etc. But No question indexed in google. I add sitemap to web master tools. Than I have 200 questions but in google I have 5 or 10 question in google search.
is your site a wordpress site ?

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I get 179 results, so I think the site is being indexed just fine. New and low-traffic sites are not indexed quickly, you just have to wait. Google isn't magic, there are trillions of other pages they have to index as well!
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Out of 3000+ questions on my website I have above 2000+ questions indexed on Google. So I would say that your website is not properly index yet, give it some more time and try to do some SEO. One Page SEO alone is sometimes not enough to get good results. 

For the beginning you can also add some top question's URL in Google Webmaster manually (add here) so that more and more of your content starts to get indexed in Google. And with time Google will automatically start to index your content.

I hope this help.

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Your site says that Q&A script made by (produced by) Yapımcı SedefYazılım

I used the Google translate to translate the word "Yapımcı"

The script made by (produced by) Q&A (http://www.question2answer.org/)

Just a question: Can we do this?