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when anybody answer in the question it moved in the top


i want to disable this funqtion
Q2A version: latest
Can you be clearer with your question? Perhaps add a screen shot or 2, tell us which theme you're using and which page you're experiencing the problem on?
latest version of the script i  am using.


my question is that: when one user add the answer of question.  this question in the main page(and not question page)

it moved in the top.


for example i asked one question

then you asked second question.

when somebody answerd my question. it will moved top. and i want to disable this funqtion

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The current q2a homepage is selected in this way only which means we don't have option to select any other page. Maybe in the next coming update we can have an option to change the homepage of q2a as per our need.
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What it sounds like you're looking for is to make the "Questions" page your home page. The default home page is actually considered a Questions and Answers page, which is why it shows answers above questions. If you navigate to yourdomain.com/questions, you'll see that it's only the questions themselves that determine the order. 

To change which page your site uses, you can make an alteration to the qa-config.php file, around line 98:

Edit qa-config.php :
'questions' => '',