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I am using q2apro notification plugin and i want to give another location to notification bubble.I think i have to change the "loggedin" string in content['loggedin']['suffix'] but i dont know what i have to put in place of it.More specifically i want to put it beside the user avatar. Pls help me.

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See q2apro-onsitenotifications-layer.php

$this->content['loggedin']['suffix'] = @$this->content['loggedin']['suffix'].' <a class="qa-history-new-event-link" title="'.$tooltip.'"><span class="notifybub ntfy-event-nill">'.qa_opt('q2apro_onsitenotifications_nill').'</span></a>';

With the snow theme there is no avatar on top. It seems you are using a custom theme. Check out its custom code.



In general for others who want to change any CSS or alike:

This is the HTML:

<span class="qa-logged-in-pad">
  <a class="qa-history-new-event-link"><span class="notifybub qa-history-event-nill">N</span></a>

If you click on the "N" (.notifybub), jquery does the ajax request and appends it to the anchor (see script.js):


Where "data" contains the "<div id="nfyWrap" class="nfyWrap">" plus all the user events.

The regarding CSS is determined in styles.css.


Yaa I have used my own custom theme and i have created a header nav bar with user avatar(lets call it panel) which on hover shows the name of the user [notification bubble along with it] and some other various options.But the problem is no qa_content['panel'] or something like this exists because I have used my own custom theme. So i can't assign $content['panel'] like thing there because it does not exists in qa-theme-base.php.

I can also make the changes in the cores of q2a. If it is possible via changes in core of the framework, then pls tell me.
I don't understand the description completely, but if you use an advanced theme, you can just add the HTML block above to the place you like it. After the avatar insert.
// code to insert avatar
// ...
// then add the code to insert the notification "N"
<a class="qa-history-new-event-link"><span class="notifybub qa-history-event-nill">N</span></a>
Notification bubbles are not coming in dude theme with plugin ‘On-Site-Notifications’. Can you help me?
Dude theme is a commercial theme, please contact the developer.

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