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I really want to get started restructuring the User Profile Page, better design, easier to get an overview etc.

rahularyan did a great job with his themes, demo, however, it is still not clear for me how he is doing it.

I checked qa-page-user-profile.php and saw that all the data is coming by $qa_content['form_profile']. However, in the qa-theme-base.php I cannot find any class that lets me change the style and reposition elements.

So how to tweak the page?

The hard way would be to read-in all the data from $qa_content['form_profile'] and then output it with own elements. From the demo of rahularyan's site (see HTML) I would say that is exactly what he is doing. It seems he has created his own layout completely and is reading in the data into it.




Edit: As I said the hard way is reading all values in, you can do it like that (outputting them into the theme):

                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');
                $this->output('<br />');





Update Sep 2014: I was able to tweak the profile page a bit more, this is the current result:

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Search qa-theme-base.php for reorder and you'll find various functions that might help.

Thx. I found function reorder_parts(), function form_reorder_fields(), function form_reorder_buttons().

However, as far as I see the table structure and everything related to the design cannot be changed. I guess I need to extract the data / or do queries accordingly and then output my own theming.
Yes, that sounds right.
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That was kind of tough...  this is my first simplified result:


1. Lithuanian interface with q2apro theme:



2. English interface with q2a default theme:


Can you share your results / findings here?
I have remodeled the user page again, now with recent answer list, screenshot: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=9316844799303601909
may be he is asking about the code ref. :P
Can you please share the steps or some instructions here?????