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Max list limit: How to have more questions in each Tag page (from 50 => 100)

I set up "questions on each tag page" to "50" but its not enough. Why is there a limit for that, there is no point for this...

PS: please don't answer me google dislikes more thant 50 links by page, lets q2A users do their own choise ;-)

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You could change this line (line 240, file : qa-include/qa-page-admin-default.php)


'page_size_tag_qs' => QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS,


'page_size_tag_qs' => 100,

---> SAVE

and go to Admin --> Lists.

You should now be able to set the field "Questions on each tag page" to 100.

Thanks man, it works!
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I have the same problem, so I tried to edit the database but its not working.