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So I increased my limit beyond 50 on the category page but when I load it, 50 is the max. Then the paginition takes me to the number I set beyond 50 plus one. So that means that the pagination knows my new limit but the list questions does not. How do I fix this?
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The max number is kept at 50 for performance as well as usability reasons. Better not to increase this.

In case you want to...
Currently you're changing the pagination size. You must also change the number of records being fetched from the db -- I guess it should be either in the page code in the lists function or in the db/selects.php
I know it may slow it down but that is fine by me for my purposes. I just cannot find where the fetch limit is. I am working through the code and learning hopefully I will find soon.
Haha after I indexed the whole thing locally and I spent an hour and a half but it is set under maxima.php under db qa_db_retrieve_qs_as . Thanks for all the responses!
Great you found it.

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Yes you shouldn't manually update the database or any of the core code. The options in the maxima.php file can be overridden in your qa-config.php like this:

define('QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS', 200);

Then you can set the value up to 200 in the options, and pagination will work correctly.