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Big PROBLEM: I deleted in my q2A database questions summary (tags+questions list)

I use a short summary in questions lists, and tags list, but I think the number of words went to maybe 30 to 0. How can I fixe this?

Did you fixe this?
not yet, couldnt find it in the database or the core..

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If you have backup you can upload it else if you don't have an backup that would maybe an issue but most hosting providers are providing daily/weekly backups.
I dont have any backup, I made the change a couple of weeks ago, didnt notice that error... It should be just a line to change, do you know which line?
Have you perform an truncate tags+questions so it's not possible but if not it's may be possible.
no I just change a number somwhere in a dababase, I remember working in that for an other issue, but didn't realize to have made that mistake. I think the database was qa_posts
thanks but no thanks ;-)