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Any advice for how to make the reCAPTCHA v1.0 plugin work for a https site? Otherwise... any other plugins that will override 'reCAPTCHA v1.0' and work with a https site?

Many thanks.

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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According to the code it seems it should work with HTTPS. It has even been explicitly mentioned in certain parts of the plugin.

I can't test this but a blind shot would be to verify the qa_is_https_probably() function is actually returning the right value. An easy test would be to locate this line


and change this part:

$error, qa_is_https_probably());


$error, true);

This forces Q2A to process the recaptcha request as HTTPS. If it works, then Q2A is not being able to recognize the server is configured to work with HTTPS. If it doesn't then... I don't really know :) You could add all the steps you've performed to set the HTTPS server and I could try to replicate the issue but I can't promise anything

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks - That change appears to make no difference (reCAPTCHA displays on the http but not the https ver.).

I think I've figured it out now though;

Line 92
                $url=recaptcha_get_signup_url(@$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], qa_opt('site_title'));

Change to                 $url=recaptcha_get_signup_url(@$_SERVER['HTTPS_HOST'], qa_opt('site_title'));

and that seems to have done it.

All the best.