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I want to transfer all the data to my first domain (including users) to another domain?? Please tell me how to do it safely without loosing any content and user login details??

Secondly, will the transfering database have any affect on data??
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Important: Take whole site backup (source, database and others if any) before you start any step below.

If your new domain on the same server than

just move your source file from domain1 folder to domain2 folder and in qa_options change site_url field with your new domain Site URL. This you can avoide to do by changing it from Admin > Generral settings before you move your source code. This is a trick. So before you moving your source you are defining new domain Site URL in DB :) so you don't have to change it manually.

If you are moving server also than  you need to take db backup and source file. 

  • Than create db and import sql to that db.
  • Assign user to db for access
  • place source file to your new domain / server folder
  • Than update you qa-config file

>> You can avoid updating qa-config file by creating database and user with the same name you have already in qa-config.

Hope this will helps you :)

Thanks Jatin for your help, and I am moving the data in the same server. I still need to ask some more in this regard.
What is the source in this process, is it all the files of q2a or some file which is named as source and where to locate it??
Where exactly I have to change domain URL??
The source means all Q2A files under /yourfolder.
More specific: All folders and files where qa-config.php located.

I am sorry, domain URL means your site URL. It's just my mistake in writing.

So if your current site url is xyz.yoursite.com and want to move to abc.yoursite.com than set it to abc.yoursite.com (new url)

If you are advanced in managing server than you can point your new domain to the same folder, that's how you do not have to move anything but only the site_url. You may have cPanel to do so.

But you are the best judge at your side.
Hello @Jatin, just one more thing, do I need to copy the source from previous site and paste it in the new or I can download new files and upload those in new site write the same database name in qa-config.php file (Can this do the job)??
I got it right and it works fine. Downloaded net set of files and uploaded them in new website directory and in qa-config.php file called the same MySQL database of previous website. And this worked good, then deleted the files of previous website and redirected the domain to new domain.
Thanks for  your help @Jatin.soni