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I know that @NoahY has been one of the best developers of q2a. But as he is no more on q2a someone has to take over his plugins. He made so many wonderful plugins but with latest updates of q2a platform, most of the plugins by @NoahY are not working as they should.

I have checked that q2apro.com is taking care of some of the plugins but not all. If some developers have time then please fork @NoahY's plugins. As most of the plugins are there so no one has to make them from the scratch. Instead a little work on them can give those plugins a new life.

Its just a request and I know that it takes a lot of effort and time to develop and maintain a plugin bug free. But till @NoahY doesn't come back, I think it is better to take the plugins at a level where then can work atleast.

Please give your suggestions on this.
i checked all NoahY plugins and all work fine
I have tried some of the plugins and those work fine but not all as you can see the answer of @rgd below.

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I am very interesting of Question2Answer Print View v 1.0b plugin created by NoahY and I installed the plugin on my site and it was not working properly. I did not find any recent update of this plugin. This plugin will be very useful one for the all q2a sites. If any developer can update this plugin or create new similar plugin it will be great help for this community.


That's the same point I have in mind that the plugins are already there and those just have to be maintained. If there would be someone willing to do it.