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Hi Guys,

Are interested in the release of QA1.7?

If you really want that to happen, sitting and just watching is not the way. Here is what you can do to make this release happen:

1- check the QA dev at github: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/tree/dev

2- install it at your end and test it

3- if any bugs/ issues, please report it here:


That's it you have done your part :)

Thank you
Q2A version: qa 1.7
@yerbol89kz lets focus only on the core of QA 1.7 dev. Also please avoid making requests here, go to that github like I said, please. do not mix up things
I think the main issue will be:

2- install it at your end and test it

Very few users will know how to do that or take the time to do it. I think that is something Gideon should setup and provide a link to a similar site to the demo 1.6.3 site, that would get cleaned once an hour. Scott could keep it up to date (maybe once a week, or after X amount of commits).
you are right, but when they dont do it, what can we do? either wait or do our best.
Scott and Gidden has not been seen much lately.
Well, even if they don't do that, then it doesn't mean any other user couldn't do it. It could be some kind of unofficial demo site. If someone is interested in doing so, the important things to take into account would be:

1. Cleaning the site frequently and automatically (once a day/every X hours/etc)
2. Having the site updated and mentioning which commit it is using
3. Allow admin access
4. Not having any non-core plugin (I guess the ones delivered with the core should be included and enabled so that they can be tested)

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