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Now developing a q2a theme, In the process I am little confused about layout I need two layouts for my site first layout includes an green div but that green div never to display on inner pages for example in this site [http://www.queryhandlers.com/] the home page consists welcome green div but that div is not showed in its inner pages instead a small green div bar shows. How can it possible, can we apply these layout changes according to each page. Please help me as soon as possible
Q2A version: Version 1.6.3

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If you want to keep some Elements only in the home page , you could do somethings like this 


if($this->template == 'qa') {

echo "<div class='hero-unit''>Some content goes here </div>"



Or else you could create a widget which applies only to the Full Width and only on qa template (Home Page )

okay can you tell me how to create an widget in q2a. will you share the steps
check it here , http://www.question2answer.org/plugins-tutorial.php

Also you can check these stuffs in the existing opensoure plugins available for q2a . You will get much more good examples .