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Hello friends,

i have a q2a work on good, but i need to add in subdomain other q2a site. Well, i need to allow to users to be log-in all sites or subdomains sites when user log-in in any site o subsite q2a, it meant, when user log-in in mysite.com, this user must be logged in mysite/subdomain/ sites too, .

How to allow it multiple login with the same user and passw for every users.


Q2A version: 1.6

1 Answer

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There is a professional good way for that:

1) First of all, Use a core user system for all Q2A websites (external users).

2) Then in qa-external/qa-external-users.php use $_SESSION variable in qa_get_logged_in_user function.

3) Finally use `session.cookie_domain = ".{your main core user system domain}"` in each Q2A php.ini website (each subdomain).

I hope that helps you