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Today, I was checking my site on Google, I found a SEO problem with category URL path...

Google is displaying 3 (three) diffrent category path to same category....

Here are the paths (I have removed my domain)




isn't this SEO "NO" "NO" thing?????
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Since they are not canonicaly linked and have duplicate content I suggest that you NoIndex them to prevent SEO issues.

I've updated Robots.txt section in my seo tutorial. you can use it do prevent search engines from indexing these pages.

I may also add canonicaly relations to these pages in ultimate seo plugin's next version.

Thank you... I have updated my robot txt....
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This is due to the reason of URL parameter.Server makes same pages of with different URL, which can be solved with the help of canonical tag implementation.