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I clicked on asking question on my q2a site and tried to save the question post but that time there is an error showing "Maximum length is 8000 characters".
So I logged in as admin and My need is no limit to question charecters
Admin ---> Posting ---> Maximum length of question body is visible and I changed to a higher value 99999 which is for  allowing the maximum number of charecters accepted on question body and after that saved the form. But then there is no option "Maximum length of question body".Still showing the error "Maximum length is 8000 characters".What will I do to revert the option and get allowable maximum number of charecters in question body.

Now there is an option Please look below

Minimum length of question title: characters
Maximum length of question title: (max 800)
Minimum length of question body: characters
Minimum number of tags: tags
Maximum number of tags: tags

Please help as soon as possible


Q2A version: version 1.6.3
sorry not spam menu under posting menu
Admin ---> posting ---> Maximum length of question body
my requirement is simple how to extent the Maximum length of question body: 8000 to 15000 charecters. But there is no option found. Please help

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You don't have a visible option for the "Maximum length of question body" .

8000 is the size on the database of the "content "column of the qa_posts table ( varchar(8000) ), and it was created when you initialized your q2a db.

You have to alter directly the column size on the database to a higher value (using for instance phpadmin)

See here how you can do it :

If the increasing length of characters may affect the performance of loading page or something. Any issue ?

do you know the Maximum length of question body of Stackoverflow site
Stackoverflow limits : If I'm not wrong, 30k for answers and 40k for questions
Performance : you're increasing your page "allowed" size, so more "time" is needed in transferring the bytes from the server to the browser. But if you stay in this figures I  think that the overhead will be negligible
@ maxjtechno thanks :)