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I am using 1.6 q2a and when a user login with facebook account then no email is saving. i double checked that this user is a new one and his email is unique.

Is there any solution?
Q2A version: 1.6.x
1.6.x ? 1.6 ? which is the *exact* version of your q2a ? (see VERSION.txt in your docroot)
no way @takesi. currently I am using facebook-login and its working smoothly on my site. It recognize the user for every log-in. may I know which plugin you are using
What about if a user registered on facebook with his Mobile phone instead of his email? Or what if a user has many time to use facebook account? I noticed that the rest of my members that used their facebook account for sign up on my site are fine. Emails are displaying !

Very Weird

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