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My q2a site is working well. But now Iam trying to migrate the whole pack into a new host server. uploaded whole q2a filepack to new server using ftp. Databse also imported using bigdump.

And also edited the 'qa-config.php' file with new database credential. But the pack is not loading the index.php still showing my index.html alone [ inner page also not available] : fixed this issue

EDIT : an new issue found on my site before every actions[ vote up, edit, etc] an alert box showing which contains " Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript. "

Some js getting error . The screen shot is shown below


I dont know the exact issue. How can fix this problem as soon as possible.

Please help me. Thanks !!

Q2A version: version 1.6.3
guys , I have not included htaccess file of q2a pack. is the htaccess provides this issue here. Any idea?
It is impossible to see the content of the screenshot. Anyway, this is a very generic error most likely happening due to an HTTP 500 error from the server. What do server logs say? I'm pretty sure the answer is there
@pupi1985: Okay I will check the error log from server. But the message shows java-script error and some of action only interrupted by that alert box. question can added very successfully without any issue. But cannot allow to approve. ?????
@pupi1985: Right. It was the server problem. Server never giving the response. That is why the message shown on my site. Now its solved. Thanks for your good advice

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Try these, in order:

Go to [your url]/admin or [your url]/index.php/admin and check that the theme is correctly set.

Try redownloading Q2A and edit the config to match the existing database. Then, once this is set up, copy over the contents of your plugins and themes folders.

Instead of Big Dump, try using phpMyAdmin to transfer the DB - export and import functions.
@James Walker : thank you.[site_url]/index.php/ But now another issue showing. "Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript.". Actually what may be the issue. Please help
I don't know, maybe you should edit this into the post so that other people can see this problem. If nobody replies, try doing a re-install (my second method in my answer), this will probably fix it unless it's a server problem, in which case you should contact support for your web host.
is re-installation will fix this issue ?
@James Walker : many thanks, the issue fixed. By your advice, I re-downloaded the q2a pack through ftp. Currently no such message showing!!!

Expecting this support in future :)
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Have you tried Database Clean-Up Operations

admin > Stats > then go to bottom of the page and sync your database... takes time...
@ truthonlytruth : No luck, still showing those messages when I clicking votes button and edit button etc. How to find this javascript error

thanks in advance
I cannot realy see the message what is the message????
Actually the message shows when have some server issue. The server never gives the response [ may be any server problem]. Now its fixed. Thanks for the reply