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Hi all,

I've just checked the Q2A wiki and it doesn't seem to have much up-to-date content on it compared to the regular Q2A site.

So for now i've moved the link to the bottom of the page.

But does anyone use it at all? If not I might just shut it down.


May be someone is using it or may be not, but there is no point in removing it... as it adds a nice feel and moreover it is not even bothering anyone by being there (as no one reported about that). This is my personal view, so no offence.
The wiki plugin doesn't work correctly on Q2A 1.7 I have checked that and removed it. If you are aware about any stable version for wiki (like the one of stackoverflow) please let me know.

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Keeping WIKI up to date needs some serious dedication :)
If PEAR Standards were used in new versions of Q2A and we could use phpDocumentor instead of wiki our documetation problem would be solved.
phpDocumentor is much easier to manage and extend. also wordpress team which is using it for quite a long time is very happy with their experience.

phpDoc will work fine for documenting "the API" (i.e. the Q2A functions), in fact I'm hoping to move the code towards that by reformatting the comments as some point.

But that doesn't work for everything, such as instructions on how to make a theme or plugin, listing the available events, etc.
you are right.
maybe it would be a good idea add a few guides for each admin panel page, and add a blog to this site and let users write guest blog posts for other subjects(how to grow a community, write content, moderate posts,...).
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The Wiki was one of those things which we had big ideas for but went nowhere. Also it seems like it's a target for spam too.

But I think having additional documentation is still a good thing. How about using a Github repo? Laravel does this quite successfully - they have a repo with Markdown documents that anyone can contribute to, then convert that into HTML for the docs site.

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I stumbled with the wiki several months ago. I browsed it and noticed there wasn't too much content. Additionally, the content had been created or modified years ago, which means many Q2A versions ago, making me wonder if whatever was documented in there was still valid.
Ironically, spam bots have updated the wiki more often than humans :)
So did/do/will I use it? No.
Now, I noticed a trial of making a plugin page in the wiki (http://wiki.question2answer.org/doku.php/plugins/plugins), similar to the Add-Ons page (http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php). Does it make sense to move the content from the Add-Ons page to the wiki? It could keep a similar structure: language files, plugins and themes and it wouldn't require your administration as it should be community maintained.
Aside from that, I can't think of any way to keep the wiki alive... using it to store documentation has proven not to be a good idea.