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Q2A is such a awesome script, i dont understand y basic feature like sub-categories are missed.

Sub categories are must for organisation of data.

I request the consideration of the dev team.

Apart from it, it works like a charm.

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Subcategories are certainly on the roadmap - as to when it happens, it depends on how much priority the user base sees in this feature.
I would love to be able to add subcategories to categories!
Please keep this at the top of your priority list for a future update!
I love Question@Answer!!!
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Actually this is the first thing I missed in Q2A. I get the idea that it is a tag based technology for quick consult, but the subcategories would allow us to organize the database and create a kind of "library" to permit the user to navigate through it instead of just searching for a tag. This is nice when you don't have a question to consult but just want to learn something new. for example.. I click in the first Category "PHP", than the sub-category "Framework", than the sub-sub "Zend" than sub-sub-sub "Technics" than I get to a nice QA that was discussed a long time ago that I would never think about searching it using any tag ... It is a silly example but you get the idea.

By the way Q2A is great!